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When you are selecting your food grade warehouse, there are many things to consider. There is no greater challenge in the distribution industry than the safe management of food products. They require a higher standard and the meticulous following of many regulations. All of these are in place to protect the consumer and businesses.

Different types of food require different precautions, and the lifecycle of all the foods must be considered. Shipping, storage, and distribution is a significant part of putting quality food on the table. There is a lot of work that goes into the safe delivery of food, here is a short list of 6 things to looks for in your food grade warehousing:

  1. Certifications: There are many regulations that go into food service. When those standards are not maintained, people can be put at risk of getting sick or the company could be faced with fines. You want to find a logistics company that is certified in the latest techniques and precautions. FW Logistics is certified by GMP, ISO 9001, and received a superior rating from AIB International. These certifications are a solid baseline for examining prospective warehouse facilities.
  2. Centralized location: The supply chain of food handling and food storage can depend heavily on the location of the storage warehouses. The proximity to their final destination can make a big difference in the life-cycle of the food. Traveling a longer distance puts your product at risk and can cost more. We have centrally located warehouses throughout the Midwest. We chose this strategy because it enables us to serve businesses nationwide while keeping our costs low for our clients.
  3. Facility management: There are so many things to take into account when shipping and distributing food products. You must find a location that can handle the organizational challenge and meet your deadlines. Our facilities have implemented an advanced management system. This network allows us to manage the stock in our warehouses efficiently and effectively.We can track the lot information and expiration dates of the products that pass through our locations. This management system is also combined with regulations and standards to keep track of the condition of your products as they travel through our facility. It is one more way of maintaining the integrity of your products.
  4. Condition of the facility:  The physical condition of the actual locations where your food is stored and distributed from is another essential part of the process. Food grade warehouses must be clean and well maintained to ensure sanitation, pest control, and to prevent hazardous material infection. Check with your warehouse provider that the area is routinely sanitized and regularly inspected for pest control.
  5. Track record of the company: When considering a food grade warehouse, make sure to look into the track record of the business over their history. Ask for testimonials and recommendations and perform searches for negative reviews or reports. Find out about issues they have faced and how they worked to resolve them. FW Logistics stands by our 70 years of experience and the track record of our services.
  6. Supply chain management: If you are looking for a food grade warehouse, you should make sure that you are working with a provider that can handle your complete supply chain management. Having your distribution services under one roof, so to speak, will save you money and ensure a stronger continuity of care. FW Logistics has the capabilities to handle your storage, distribution, and delivery needs.