Industries We Serve

Our third-party fulfillment services work for a range of industries, including yours. FW Logistics’s storage, packing, and shipping services help companies in a variety of industries deliver their goods to consumers. We handle all kinds of order volumes, and we have temperature-controlled and ambient storage facilities.

Industries We Work With

While we can customize our services to work with businesses in any industry, these are the industries we serve most often.

Food Storage and Shipping

If you need temperature-controlled or ambient food storage, we have you covered on both fronts. We provide refrigerated transport to keep your refrigerated or frozen food products at the right temperatures before they reach their final destinations. We also have climate-controlled storage facilities that create the exact temperatures and humidity levels your products need for proper storage. We also offer blast-freezing services to freeze your products as quickly and effectively whenever necessary.

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Distribution

Even outside of e-commerce, we store and ship CPG products. We often provide these services to manufacturers and distributors who want outsourced fulfillment and storage. These companies take advantage of our storage facilities and our truck and rail distribution capabilities to get their products to their destinations.

E-Commerce Fulfillment

Today, many businesses have online stores that ship products directly to their customers. In these cases, we act as your fulfillment center: We send your products to your customers so you don’t have to worry about it. We provide pick and pack services as well as kitting services. These services help make your e-commerce distribution process efficient and effective.

Store and Distribute Your Products With Us

Reach out to us whenever you need distribution services or warehouse spaces for your products.

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Why Take Advantage of Our Services

Our storage and shipping services keep your products in the right environments for their storage needs while sticking to your timelines and budgets. We also customize our services to suit your business needs. So whether you need ecommerce fulfillment services, food storage capabilities, or CPG distribution services, we have the services and resources to help you achieve your storage and distribution goals.

Make the Most of Our Storage and Distribution Services

The storage and fulfillment company you work with is a reflection of your company itself. The partnership you invest in shows how you commit to efficiency in your products’ distribution. FW Logistics is dedicated to providing efficient distribution services while also keeping your products in their correct storage conditions.

If you want efficient and effective storage and distribution services for your company, connect with us today. We’re ready to devote our resources to creating the best storage and distribution solutions for your products. No matter what kind of storage or fulfillment services you need, we’re here to offer them.