Kansas City, Missouri

Centrally located warehouses for easy distribution and storage.

Kansas City Warehouse

Our warehouse in Kansas City is located on the western edge of Missouri, providing logistics services across the nation that help us to become the best in the warehousing industry. Kansas City,Missouri is an excellent location for our warehousing business because the infrastructure of the state provides access to rail systems, two airports, extensive public roads, highway, and low-cost shipping to several markets.


Kansas City Warehousing Offers

Temperature controlled warehouses, pick and pack, and e-commerce storage options.

Temperature Controlled Storage in Kansas City

One of the most popular features in our warehouse is our temperature controlled storage. This option helps us serve a wide variety of needs in storage and distribution. We can offer cold storage warehousing services to keep your temperature sensitive products at predetermined temperatures. With our experience in the warehousing industry, we know that because there are some products, such as medicines, electronic devices, food items which need to be stored in the temperature controlled environment. Our Kansas City warehouse offers the option to customize your storage solutions. Additionally, our Kansas City cold storage provides the ability to keep the temperature under control with the help of the most up-to-date instruments and machines.

Benefits of Temperature Controlled Storage

The benefits of having a temperature controlled warehouse are:

  • Multi-functioning capabilities, catering to for a range of purposes
  • Complete temperature control for area-specific zoning
  • Customizable options so any product, regardless of size or shape, can be stored at the temperature required

FW Logistics is the best solution for all your distribution and warehousing needs; whether you require long-term storage for a large number of goods or merely need room for your seasonal products, our flexible storage options are endless.