Located in the middle of the country, our temperature-controlled Memphis warehouse has everything you need to store your cold or warm goods.

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Warehousing in Memphis

Located in western Tennessee, right on the Mississippi River, Memphis has access to complex transportation networks that extend across the country. It’s also farther south than our headquarters in Centreville, Illinois, giving us access to locations throughout the southern U.S.

We offer a few different types of warehousing at our Memphis location, including:

  • Ambient Storage: Products in ambient storage conditions are kept at the warehouse’s natural temperature.
  • Cold Storage: In this section, the temperature of the product is always at or below 32 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Temperature-Controlled Storage: This section of our warehouse is divided into units that maintain certain storage conditions for the products they house. This type of storage is described in more detail below.

Temperature-Controlled Warehousing

Our Memphis warehouse is a temperature-controlled facility that stores food, ingredients, and other perishable products until they’re ready to be shipped. Whether your products are cold or warm, we can create their ideal storage environment. Every product in our warehouse goes into its own unit, where we adjust and monitor the temperature to maintain the correct storage conditions.

Why Use This Type of Storage in Our Memphis Location?

Our Memphis location works well for businesses that have multiple types of product and need them stored in different locations. Products that are less temperature-sensitive can be kept in our ambient storage, while everything else can be kept in cold storage or in the temperature-controlled units. Our Memphis location offers flexibility when it comes to storage options.

How Do You Know Which Storage Option Fits Your Products?

You may not know what type of storage your product needs, and that’s okay. We can help you determine which options suit your products and place them in one of our several locations. If you have a range of storage needs, our Memphis location may be the best option.

Learn More About Your Storage Options

Connect with us today to find out which storage options in our Memphis location meet your requirements.

Which Products Do These Storage Options Work Best With?

Ambient storage works best for products that can be safely kept at room temperature. Temperature-controlled and cold storage options work well for the following products:

  • Meat
  • Ice cream
  • Candy
  • GMP food-grade products
  • Refrigerated products
  • Temperature-controlled pick and pack products

What Are the Benefits of Temperature-Controlled and Cold Storage?

Both cold and temperature-controlled storage offer a wide range of benefits. Cold storage benefits include:

  • Extended food lifespans
  • Reduced food poisoning risks
  • Increased food and ingredient storage times

Temperature-controlled storage benefits include:

  • Reduced product exposure to extreme temperatures
  • Improved air quality in the warehouse
  • Improved ROI for external storage services

Overall, cold storage options help food products last longer and prevent them from causing food poisoning and other problems when consumed. Temperature-controlled storage options offer these benefits as well, but they also solve a number of logistical problems. For instance, they can store products in smaller areas than cold storage facilities. Smaller, more contained areas allow less dirt and debris to build up in the facility that houses the temperature-controlled units, maintaining healthy indoor air quality. This also keeps the products insulated from extreme weather outside the facility. If there’s a snowstorm or a heatwave outside our Memphis warehouse, it won’t affect your products.

Store Your Products at Our Memphis Location

When you store your products at our Memphis warehouse, you can choose how you store your products. You also gain access to the transportation networks that go through Memphis. Overall, this location provides both flexibility of storage and ease of delivery. If you have any questions about our Memphis warehouse, reach out to us today. We’re ready to help you choose the right storage options for your products.