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Frozen Racking | FW Logistics
With 3 Rooms That Are Fully Temperature Controlled

Known as the home of Rock N’ Roll and the Blues, Memphis is a city full of life, music, and logistics solutions. Beyond Beale Street, Memphis sustains many thriving businesses that FW Logistics is proud to serve. Our newest location at 1100 East Parkway South, Memphis, TN 38114, is home to over 175,000 square feet of space with over 17,000 pallet positions. Our Memphis facility is 100 percent refrigerated for all of your food and beverage warehousing needs. The warehouse is stocked with brand new condensers and is fully racked. Centrally located, our Memphis world-class distribution center can ship your products all over the United States and across the globe.


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Fully Racked and Temperature Controlled Facility in Memphis TN

FW Logistics has helped businesses across the United States handle all of their warehousing, fulfillment, logistics, and transportation needs so that they can focus on delivering the highest quality finished products. We believe that a successful business starts with collaboration and by working together. We view our business partnerships more like family relationships than merely another business transaction. People who believe in what they do are more passionate, supportive, dedicated, and hard-working. That’s why here at FW, we believe success is defined by the length and depth of our partner relationships. Just like any other family, we support each other and push each other to succeed. Our family just happens to do logistics.

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With Over 21,000 Pallet Positions

With more than 70 years of experience managing distribution operations and logistics services for business of all sizes, FW Logistics is the company you’ve been looking for to streamline your supply chain. Our team has the ability to provide the warehouse space, trucking solutions, and people power you need to grow your business in eCommerce, fulfillment, and manufacturing so that you can meet your logistics goals. We have 16 temperature-controlled and ambient warehouse facilities totaling over 8 million square feet across the United States. We are also proud to have our own trucking fleet to deliver industry-leading logistics solutions to our partners. 

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Dock Doors and 2 Rail Systems Available

Our Memphis warehouse specializes in food-grade warehousing. We have a reputation for providing food warehousing services for any of your needs. Our dedication to providing the best food-grade warehousing solutions is demonstrated by the certifications we have attained. Our Memphis warehouse is GMP Food Grade Certified through AIB with frozen and refrigerated space available now. As a leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider, we can deliver everything from cross-docking to pick and pack, eCommerce fulfillment, and distribution, so you will only have to deal with one Memphis 3PL provider for all of your needs. We can source containers, corrugated goods, and other materials for all of your packaging needs.

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Fully Integrated EDI System For eCommerce

We utilize only the latest warehouse management systems for food and beverage warehousing that can provide stock management by FIFO, lot information, and expiration date. We ensure that you can track and control all of your products at every distribution point. To find out more about our Memphis warehouse space and our services, call us today at 1-877-393-7483.