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A central logistics location with a national footprint.

St. Louis Logistics

FW Logistics has built a reputation as an industry-leading logistics service provider by offering comprehensive solutions to address any or all of your warehousing and supply chain management needs. As a third-party logistics (3PL) services provider, our team specializes in incorporating operations, warehousing, and distribution services that can be scaled and adjusted according to your organization’s unique needs and goals. Our St. Louis 3PL services are designed to cater to your distribution requirements from a centrally located transportation hub.

3PL St. Louis

With our logistics and distribution solutions, your business can ship all goods via any method you prefer. Because we own our trucking company, our team can manage everything from national distribution to comprehensive logistics coordinator services while keeping everything in-house. That means you only have to deal with a single point of contact for all your logistics needs without having to worry about your services being outsourced to questionable third parties. We also offer call carriers that will come pick up according to your scheduling for a full-service distribution solution.

FW Logistics has robust capabilities to provide your business with a wide range of logistics and distribution services, including:


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for all your St. Louis 3PL needs.

St. Louis Warehousing Services

With our warehousing and fulfillment solutions, we offer the options to stock your goods and products at our warehouse. If required, we can even open, manage, and staff a new warehouse just for your needs. Our warehousing and fulfillment specialists fulfill orders and handle product distribution directly to your consumers as an organic extension of your business.

Our full catalog of warehousing solutions includes:

Our warehouse and fulfillment services are ideal for e-commerce businesses, nationwide chains, and growing companies in need of additional storage without the hassle. Our warehousing and fulfillment service is the best option to consider if you are looking to free up space for your core business activities and do not wish to deal with the struggles of packaging and transporting finished goods on your own.

Seasonal Storage

If your business experiences seasonal demands and fluctuations in stock and requires additional warehouse storage at unique times of the year, our flexible storage solutions are designed to meet your needs. Our flex warehouse space offers fully flexible storage space and cost-effective storage solutions that are ideal for dealing with high-volume seasons without costing you extra during slow seasons. Your flexible storage space is incorporated into a broader distribution framework and can be customized to include a more extensive array of our warehousing and logistics solutions such as picking, packing, and shipping.

With many small-sized businesses experiencing the need for supplemental storage for their products during peak season, flex warehouse spaces are there when you need them most. By utilizing warehouse space for your changing storage needs, FW Logistics can offer a cost-effective substitute for the expense of traditional in-house warehousing. Investing in flexible warehouse space from FW Logistics can provide you with access to flexible storage capacity along with a network of devoted logistics experts.

Our flexible storage space offers pick lines used to streamline sales and shipping during peak seasons. Most of our flexible storage space is available in St. Louis due to its central location as a logistics hub. Flex warehouse space offers seasonal storage for needs related to:

  • Seasonal shippers
  • Holiday rushes
  • Halloween costumes
  • Christmas novelty items

We understand that certain times of the year are busy and chaotic with shipping and distribution. Let us help you control your products for a simple, scalable solution that’s more cost-effective than alternative storage services.