Inside of a warehouse building

As one of the nation’s premier contract warehousing providers, FW Logistics is in the perfect position to make sure you gain access to a solution that fits seamlessly with your needs. But which option is right for you?

Which Commercial Refrigeration Warehouse Option Fits for You?

You don’t become a superior logistics provider without having a proven track record of delivering for your clients. At FW Logistics, we want to make sure that each of our clients finds an option that works for their distribution radius, storage needs, and workflow. That’s why we operate and maintain all different types of refrigerated warehouse options across the country. When you work with an experienced logistics team like FW, you’re guaranteed to find an option that works for you.

Blast Freezing

Shipping products to a broad, potentially nationwide audience requires a detailed planning process—everything from storage temperature to delivery times plays a part in making sure quality is maintained and orders are filled. Our blast chiller freezer options use fast-moving cold air to cool down products quickly, in 18-24 hours, making sure your cold-storage products remain chilled at a specific temperature. 

Food-Grade Warehouses

Not every item needs to be stored in frigid temperatures. FW Logistics offers premium food-grade warehousing solutions, all certified by various governing bodies, including:

Our team collaborates closely with all of our clients to ensure their products are stored safely and securely. We also undergo frequent inspections to make sure we meet all up-to-date criteria for food storage. Our processes make sure no stone is left unturned so that our clients can count on us no matter what their needs may be. 

Temperature-Controlled Warehouses

We understand the importance of storing temperature-sensitive products at the correct level—any deviation from the set temperature can result in quality-compromised products, which could lead to serious loss of business for your company. Food and beverages that require a specific temperature can find a safe home with FW Logistics. All of our spaces are registered with the FDA, making us a solid contract warehouse option for companies across the industry. We make sure perishable items are kept safe so that you can satisfy order fulfillment on your schedule without having to worry about quality. 

Which One Is Right for You?

The right option for your competitors may not necessarily be the perfect choice for you. Our team is committed to making sure all of our clients find a solution that fits seamlessly with their needs. We take the time to determine which solution makes the most sense for you, before going the extra mile to make sure you’re always accommodated. For more information on how we can set you up with a quality refrigerated warehouse solution, reach out to FW Logistics today.