Pick and Pack

Get a real-time look at how much inventory you have and where it’s going.

Pick and Pack Benefits

Our pick and pack warehouse solutions provide our clients with efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and a fast turnaround for delivery. This empowers our clients to focus on the growth of their company and continued quality control. We have the expertise to help our clients with increased demands, seasonal changes, and high SKU counts.


Pick and Pack Services

Our pick and pack warehouse services are aimed at providing our clients with the maximum efficiency to ensure successful order fulfillment. With our pick and pack services, our clients are assured to enjoy a performance-driven service while making it easy for them to concentrate on their core business. FW Logistics offers the best options for pick and pack services because we understand how difficult it is to fulfill orders while running a company.

Order fulfillment is time consuming.

Let us do it for you with our pick and pack services.

Pick and Pack Process

Our pick and pack operations include receiving the merchandise at one of our selected warehouses and then counting the products to be prepared for storage. After being placed into the inventory management system, our customers get a real-time view of their products that are located in our warehouses. SKU numbers are assigned from a detailed inventory and packing list.


We’re Available 24×7

Our customers can send us an email, fax, or an online shipment request whenever they are ready to process orders. The online order form is accessible 24×7 via our state-of-the-art warehouse management system. Upon receipt, we initiate pick and pack operations and send back a confirmation email to the client. Items on the order are then pulled from the company’s inventory and packed for shipment according to their instructions. We also prepare packing slips and shipping labels that contain the company’s name and phone number of the customer.

Every package is prepared as if the business itself is handling the shipping process. Whenever we ship an item, the real-time inventory is automatically updated as the item is pulled from the stock. We provide our client with a shipment confirmation email and if applicable, with a tracking number. This is considered as the confirmation of the preparation, cross-check, and shipment of the order. Our full-service pack and pick option gives you full control of your shipping and inventory all while being able to focus on your core business.