Holiday Rush | FW Logistics

The holidays represent a huge bump in sales and revenue and can save a down year. But long before the additional sales start rolling in, it pays to make a few adjustments to your warehousing and distribution infrastructure long before. Here are some tips that will make sure the season goes smoothly.

Look closely at your space requirements – Depending on what you sell, your inventory levels can increase up to 40%. Does your current facility have the space to handle the increased inventory? Do you have new products? Will there be enough room for forklifts or additional racks and still have enough walk room?

Increase staffing – Do you have a staffing plan in place that helps you handle increased orders and shipping activity? If not, examine your past year’s holiday staffing needs.  Also take periods of increased demand into account and from this determine if your current staffing levels can be optimized and if seasonal or temporary help is cost effective

Analyze how many more orders you will have – Review past years sales reports to get some idea of what to expect. Some seasonal businesses see 50% of their orders in the final quarter of the year.

How much additional transportation will you need? – Effectively handling the holiday season means making sure you have enough transportation and personnel to handle the increased activity.


FW Warehousing can help

If the holiday season will stretch your warehousing and logistics services past the breaking point, consider third party logistics through FW Warehousing. We offer a full 3PL services including warehousing, fulfillment, and trucking logistic solutions that can be a cost-effective way for your business to handle the stress of a busy holiday season. If you are low on space, if your budget for seasonal help is tight, give us a call and discuss your needs with us. Our core competencies include taking on supply chain management from small and medium size businesses.

Warehousing – Our scalable warehouse management solutions are the perfect remedy for the need for space this holiday season. Our strategically built warehousing facility offers reliable and secure storage capabilities with large storage capacity with all the smart warehousing techniques. For specialized needs we provide contract warehousing, hazmat storage, food grade warehousing, ITL and FTL trucking, trucking brokerage, rail transloading, and fulfillment service to serve you with the best logistics planning services.

Fulfillment – When it comes time to ship your products, FE Warehousing can do so without your company needing to find and pay seasonal warehouse help. With our warehousing and fulfillment services, you can ship products and manage distribution for their e-commerce store from our warehouse. Through our logistics planning services, we will fulfill your holiday orders and adhere to your current shipping standards and procedures.

Logistics – Our scalable services includes additional transportation and logistics solutions.

Call FW Warehousing at 1-877-FWDRIVE, with over 60 years of experience we are uniquely positioned to help you handle the increased activity during the holiday season.