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When a client chooses your warehouse to store products and fulfill orders, keeping track of their inventory is a top priority. Warehouse management systems allow inventory to be closely monitored throughout the supply chain and optimize the order fulfillment process. Clients can always rely on FW Logistics because we understand the importance of a warehouse management system in making sure goods are tracked down to the tiniest detail and important deadlines are never missed.

What Is a Warehouse Management System?

A warehouse management system (WMS) is a type of organizational software that allows companies to keep track of every item that enters or exits their warehouse, as well as every action that occurs during the order fulfillment process. When an item is removed from storage or packed for shipment, the WMS logs these steps and updates its system. Using a WMS ensures that inventory records are 100% accurate, so distributors can fulfill orders and replenish merchandise more efficiently. Inventory can exit the warehouse faster, and orders have a much higher accuracy when a WMS is used. Most importantly, clients trust their warehouse partner more when they’re confident their product will be shipped efficiently and accurately every time.

Key Features of Warehouse Management Systems

These are the features of warehouse management systems that make their use so vital:

Accurate Inventory Records

When a client trusts you to fulfill orders on their behalf, inventory accuracy is a must. A WMS keeps track of exactly where inventory is stored, how many units are available, and what items need to be shipped. The lifecycle of an order is shortened significantly when these details are clear. Using a WMS reduces human error and allows distributors to proactively manage their stock with complete accuracy.

Logistics Optimization

From when inventory is received to when it exits the supply chain, there are countless little things that could go wrong. Using a WMS reduces the errors in logistics management by keeping a record of every step in the lifecycle of ordered inventory. Supply chain management becomes significantly less complicated when a WMS is available to keep detailed records of an order. This leads to greater inventory accuracy and control, which in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction when an order is received.                       

Real-Time Updates

One of the key elements in ensuring product accuracy is getting real-time updates. A WMS allows distributors and clients to know what’s in stock at that exact moment, so they know precisely what’s available for sale or shipment without a lag. This eliminates out-of-stock items being ordered due to a delay in inventory tracking, and popular items can be restocked before inventory levels dwindle. Additionally, the WMS keeps complete records of each activity in the order process, so distributors and warehouse workers can have a current picture of where orders stand.

Easy Access to Data

In today’s ever-changing workforce, warehouse managers may not be able to check an item’s stock in person or manually check to see what needs restocking. Because of the plentiful cloud-based WMS software options available, distributors and clients can track stored inventory anywhere and at any time. Having access to virtual data is convenient and time-saving, both for the warehouse company and the clients it serves.

Better Customer Service

When a customer orders merchandise, they expect to receive precisely what they ordered in a specified amount of time. When a WMS is used to optimize order fulfillment, these expectations are met far more often. When an order’s status is kept track of constantly and consistently, workers can ensure that they are staying on top of deadlines and getting every order out on time. Warehouse processes are complicated, so using a WMS to optimize logistics is essential in making sure customer requirements are met and they are satisfied with the end product.

How a Warehouse Management System Optimizes Productivity

When a distributor decides to implement a warehouse management system, they optimize warehouse productivity and logistics. Warehouse employees benefit from the detailed activity logs because they know exactly what the next step in the order process is and they can pick, pack, and ship inventory with ease. Inventory control is simple because every item in the warehouse is accounted for in real time, at all times. Clients can trust that their orders will be fulfilled accurately within a short time frame and their customers will be satisfied with what they receive. 

FW Logistics understands that client satisfaction is key, which is why we use a WMS to provide unparalleled service. Contact us today to take advantage of our optimized warehouses and order fulfillment services.