Dedicated Carrier

FW Logistics can solve your shipping and storage needs

Dedicated Fleet Services

Our dedicated fleet services will solve your logistics needs without the need to by a single truck or hire a single driver. 

FW Logistics’ dedicated contract carriage services offer dedicated resources to address all the transportation needs of our clients without demanding them to invest in the ownership of their own trucks. Under its dedicated contract carriage, FW Logistics owns, handles, and sustains our trucks and truck drivers, so you only need to plan where we pick-up your products and our dedicated contract carriage will take care of all the delivery activities from the warehouse to final destinations.

For businesses that require a guaranteed capacity or a desire to provide specialized services to their customers, our dedicated carriers provide them with the level of control they require. Our dedicated contract carriage options allow clients to enjoy the benefits of having their own fleet of branded trucks and highly qualified drivers, all while never worrying about the logistics and upkeep of a fleet.

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Here are some reasons to hire a dedicated carrier:

Seasonal freight – Does your product depend on seasonality? A dedicated carrier will allow you to ship your goods when you need to and you can skip the fleet upkeep costs when you don’t. Under-utilization during slow times may be large costs, but with a dedicated carrier they are easily avoided. 

Local, regional, and long-haul deliveries – A dedicated fleet is beneficial when your shipping needs shift between these three destination categories. 

Specialized shipping needs – If your products require refrigeration or if they are hazardous and need to cross state lines, it is in your interest to partner with a professional shipping company to make sure these good reach their destination safely. 

Lower shipping costs with a dedicated fleet – When you have a dedicated carrier fleet, the overall cost for shipping is much lower than when you pay contracts through common carriers. This also means you are guaranteed consistent logistics and shipping services when you have a dedicated carrier service. 

A dedicated carrier can handle different transportation modes – If your shipments involve intermodal forms of transportation, a dedicated hauler is more cost-effective. The more elaborate your transportation network, the more useful and effective a dedicated carrier becomes. 

Meet and exceed customer expectations – If your business is new or if you are new to shipping a dedicated carrier is a great start to solving your logistics issues. Your customers only care about on-time delivery and when you have a professional logistics partner, this is never a worry.

Become a dedicated fleet driver

We are always on the lookout for professional drivers for our dedicated fleets. We aim to provide an environment where safety is our top priority and work hard to ensure both parties benefit from a long, lucrative partnership. Our fleet drivers enjoy solid pay programs and additional benefits. If you are a qualified CDL driver and interested in working with FW Logistics, contact us today!