Pool Distribution

Pool distribution helps lower the cost of trucking and delivery.

What Is Pool Distribution?

Pool Distribution allows companies to handle their finances efficiently by engaging less manpower as well as less machine power. It gives extra margin to the companies to surpass overhead expenses, and as one-stop warehouse and delivery solution, we incorporate a Pool Distribution strategy into various ways that help our clients successfully and cost-effectively deliver their products.


Pool Distribution and LTL Trucking

Pool Distribution is the distribution of different products from different vendors to a location in the same geographical area. Pool distribution’s definition encompasses the use of LTL trucking to deliver goods quickly and efficiently. Pool distribution can be regarded as the strength of the whole logistic network as it reduces the overall distribution and shipment cost. Consequently, it is a cost-effective strategy and is adopted not just by retailers but by storage and delivery solution specialists like FW Logistics. More importantly, it not only lowers the distribution cost for the retailers but also helps the pool operators to increase delivery frequency. Traditional LTL shipments cost higher in comparison to the LTL shipments in the pool distribution, so we provide our clients with the option to coordinate pool distribution for the delivery of their goods to lower their overall costs.

Don't haul your products across the country

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Benefits of Using Pool Distribution

With the increasing needs of fast-paced shipments methods, pool distribution has proved to be beneficial in many ways. One significant advantage is the reduced freight and distribution cost. It also shortens the delivery time by having multiple LTL trucks in a pool distribution strategy. Some other benefits are:

  • Reduced product claims and losses
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • High volume freight handling
  • Rate audits
  • Improved services


Pooling Distribution Strategy

Many 3PL providers have incorporated a pool distribution strategy as a significant part of their shipment culture. Unlike the traditional trucking that involves direct shipment of goods from shipper to the retailer, pool distribution ships orders to regional depots through the use of consolidated trucks. After that, the truck is offloaded, sorted and arranged by the consignee. Then, local trucks are loaded with the particular products and sent to their final destinations in retail stores. With pool distribution, we provide transportation, distribution, and packaging to eliminate additional costs of other companies. In addition to offering multiple drop-offs or multiple pickups for one drop-off, you get the benefit of having a well-versed partner in your distribution strategy.