Temperature Controlled Warehousing

 Protect your storage space with the ideal temperature.

Cold and Frozen Storage

Your business has various storage needs, and some inventory must be kept frozen until it’s ready to be used. FW Logistics understands the importance of storing temperature-sensitive products such as food items and fast-moving consumer goods in a climate-controlled warehouse. All our storage units are clean and free of dust and pests. And we continuously monitor each one so the temperature and humidity levels never slip. 

But not all products should be kept frozen. FW Logistics serves a variety of unique industries, and many of these have goods that require refrigeration. Our team has the ability to customize environments based on what the products require. Our Kansas City storage facility is a multi-temperature warehouse used to preserve those specific goods. We’ll make sure that any cold items are always stored properly and in top condition. 

Accurate Climate-Controlled Storage

It is essential to use a temperature-controlled warehouse for frozen storage, and FW Logistics has all the best options. We offer a range of cold storage options within our climate-controlled warehouses. Our experts work tirelessly to keep your goods in optimal shape. We help prevent adverse impact so your inventory remains in its best state. 

Frozen storage is essential for a variety of perishable items. With FW Logistics, you get an attentively controlled storage option that ensures high product quality. Our team works around the clock to make sure that temperature-sensitive items are protected. We constantly monitor the desired temperature and have a backup generator prepared so that there always is a source of power to protect your goods. 

And because each storage solution is customizable, your environment will be fine-tuned to meet all your storage and distribution specifications. We’ll ensure that your inventory is compliant with all company and industry policies and procedures.

Rest easy knowing that your inventory is controlled by an expert. When FW Logistics is in your corner, you’ll never have to compromise on quality or standards. 

Do you have products that need refrigeration or to be frozen?

FW Logistics can store food, ingredients, heat-sensitive products, and more!

Industry-Specific Solutions

If you can’t store it yourself, FW Logistics has plenty of space you can take advantage of. We provide climate-controlled warehousing services to store and protect temperature-sensitive items. Our specialties include inventory management and distribution control. We serve a wide spectrum of industries with a fully integrated service, and each solution is tailored to work with your budget, business model, and delivery schedule. 

The best part is that you have the advantage of being able to house all these services in a single location. We help our clients save money by consolidating all warehousing and distribution needs from our Kansas City warehouse. 

This climate-controlled facility is a multi-zoned setting, which makes it possible for us to accommodate any temperature-sensitive products, including:

  • Ice cream
  • Meat
  • GMP food grade products
  • Candy
  • Pick & pack—temperature controlled
  • Refrigerated products
  • And more

Customized Warehouse Storage

Our temperature-controlled warehouse offers a host of advantages for your temperature-sensitive products. This facility is customized with several levels of temperature control, which allows us to store multiple types of food, ingredients, and more. Not only do we make sure the optimal temperature is set for your unique products, but we also keep warehouse stock organized according to its particular product type. Count on our team to support you with an optimum temperature setting ranging anywhere from –20 to 32°F. 

FW Warehousing: An Advanced Cold Storage Solution

FW Logistics offers the most advanced technologies for monitoring humidity, temperature, and various other factors. Our controlled-storage facility is the premier option for inventory safekeeping. Whether it’s food, ingredients, or any other perishables, we’ll make effective use of our space to ensure your inventory is always kept in optimal shape. We ensure safe storage of all products stowed away in our temperature-controlled warehouses, and offer blast chilling options for clients that require their products be kept at a specific temperature. And by consolidating the distribution process in our service bundle, you’ll have the advantage of lower-cost storage and shipping. 

Call us today to take advantage of more than 250,000 square feet of space along with 17,000 unique fully racked pallet options.