Case Study – Kansas City

How FW Logistics Flexes Technology & Space When Business Booms

Executive Summary

A top 10 automotive supplier had internal issues with meeting consumer demands on-time, tracking inventory accurately, and with a lack of space for their products. After 2 strikes with their biggest consumer, FW Logistics- Kansas City stepped in, taking control of both their software systems and integrating it with FW’s software, through EDI translation.
• Shipping accuracy rate from accepted average of 89% to 99.9%
• They still maintain the business- 3 years later
• FW flexes with 3 different software systems
• Inventory accuracy rate of 99.7% & 99.9% last 2 years

“We track the customer’s inventory for them by integrating with their systems and with a 99.9% accuracy- that’s huge. Our client is successful and that’s what matters.”

-Kollin Spight, Operations Manager FW Logistics- Kansas City


As one of the largest automotive manufacturing companies in the country, they are great at making automotive parts but, needed an expert in logistics.
Given the company’s logistics constraints with space, employees, and technology, they needed a partner who could flex in these areas within the company’s financial budget and would work with them as an extension of their company.

How Flexing Helped

FW Logistics provided a custom place to put the overflow when they needed it, stored finished goods, the extra staff, and increased technology when business was in high demand.
In just under a week, the automotive supplier had a long-term logistics solution that could be flexed as business changed, whether it be space or technology.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Three years later, the automotive client still earns the business from the profitable company they almost lost. The partnership with them and FW Logistics was seamless and increased shipping accuracy up to 99.9% from a minimal accepted average of 89%.
The business has grown enough for FW Logistics to be expanding their space by 45,000 square feet and 12 dock doors in 2018.
By having the ability to work with a logistics company that can flex in every aspect, the company has had the capability to focus their funds on expanding, versus investing in liabilities with no guarantee.