Food-Grade Warehousing

We are certified to store food, ingredients, and packaging for businesses worldwide.

Food-Grade Warehousing Certifications

At FW Logistics, we specialize in providing food grade warehousing that handles all of the challenges associated with food safety management and dry storage. We offer our clients cost-effective solutions for all of their food and beverage warehousing needs, including cold storage and temperature controlled options. When you work with FW Logistics, you can rest assured knowing that your products will remain safe during the storage step of your supply chain operations. Manufacturers nationwide directly ship their products into our food grade warehouse for storage and distribution throughout the Midwest and across the nation.

We have a proven track record of delivering the highest quality food warehousing services in the industry. Our dedication to providing our clients with the best food grade storage solutions is backed up by the warehousing certifications we have earned. Our warehouses are certified for storage of food, ingredients, containers, beverages, and more. We frequently undergo independent AIB inspections to hold ourselves accountable and to stay up-to-date on the latest industry standards. The certifications we have earned provide concrete evidence that our practices uphold the highest industry standards. These certifications include:

Our facilities offer the flexibility to store and house any of your food and beverage products in a temperature-controlled environment for as long as you need. Whatever your needs may be, we can deliver the solution your business needs to succeed.

Certified and centrally located

We have earned industry-leading food safety certifications for our centrally located warehouses and handling practices.

Warehouse Management Systems

Our advanced warehouse management systems provide stock management by FIFO, lot information, and expiration date. Our system allows for the complete tracking and control of your products by automatically identifying multiple standards at every distribution point. We can even source containers, corrugated goods, and additional materials required for your packaging needs. That way, you can focus on delivering high-quality final products to your customers.

Our warehouse management team follows a strict sanitation schedule while being thoroughly trained in the latest safe food handling and pest control practices. From the time we receive your products to the time they leave our warehouses, we uphold industry-leading food safety standards.

Your Centrally Located Logistics Partner

We host several centrally-located warehouses throughout the Midwest to simplify your shipping needs. We have food-safe warehouses in the metropolitan areas of St. Louis, Kansas City, and Indianapolis. These locations can strategically serve businesses nationwide whether they’re in New York or Los Angeles. Our locations also allow for cost-effective food storage solutions for your business.

Our food-grade warehousing adheres strictly to safety and compliance requirements to make sure that your products are safe. We strive to ensure a sanitary and controlled environment that exceeds regulatory compliance requirements. Contact our team today to learn more about what we can do for you.