Rail Transloading

Our transloading services offers increased flexibility in your supply chain.

Transloading Services

While some think of it as an outdated mode of transportation, railway delivery offers a great form of shipping logistics that is both efficient and economical. Offering rail transloading is a huge benefit to our customers, especially considering our multiple locations close to major railways. Our rail transloading and rail to truck transloading services give our clients peace of mind knowing their direct delivery is managed professionally.


Rail Transloading Services

The following are some of our rail transloading and rail to truck transloading services:

  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Bulk container transloading and bulk transfer
  • Rail to truck cross-docking services in St. Louis
  • Rail Super Sak Transloading in St. Louis
  • UPS Direct Rail
  • Slip sheet Rail Transloading
  • Drop shipping from our Midwest strategic location

Rail Freight Connections

We are proud to offer rail freight transloading across the nation with connections to:

  • Union Pacific and Burlington Northern Railway (UP/BNSF)
  • Canadian National Railway (CN)
  • Union Pacific Railway (UP)
  • Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway (BNFS)
  • Norfolk Southern Railway (NS)
  • Chessie Seaboard Railway(CSX)

Wherever your products are heading,

we can get them there!

Transloading Facilities

We offer extensive facilities for rail transloading and rail to truck transloading:

  • Quality food grade warehouse rated superior by AIB’s food safety and hygiene audit
  • Certified warehouse for secure storage of hazmat
  • Climate controlled warehouse
  • Packaging or unpacking cargo on rail box
  • Container Locks
  • EE rated forklifts
  • Slip sheet, rail super sak specialized and bulk container equipment


Railroad Solutions

Our rail transloading services provide our clients with seamless railroad solutions including supply chain management, warehousing for bulk storage, rail to truck transloading, and loading and unloading shipments. FW Logistics’ railroad solutions are designed to provide our clients with an unmatched quality of services when it comes to rail transloading. Since we have a warehouse with a rail spur, we can pick up your goods from the rail yard and ship them out in any way you wish.

We provide unparallelled service when shipping a large number of goods and with our rail transloading and rail to truck transloading services, you can increase the flexibility of your supply chain through intermodal distribution.