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With the recent opening of our Bridgeton/Earth City warehouse facility, it’s an excellent time to highlight our St. Louis locations and cover some of the most popular 3PL solutions we offer the local and regional markets. As a driving force behind the Midwest’s logistics and warehouse network, FW Logistics delivers full-service storage, transportation, and distribution services customized for your needs. Whether you want to broaden your distribution footprint to a national or global level, or you need to expand warehouse space at a moment’s notice, the experts at FW Logistics have the experience to achieve your goals. Here’s a little more about how we accomplish that.

Our 3PL St. Louis Solutions

Warehousing Services

When you partner with FW Logistics for your business’s warehouse needs, we can stock just about any of your goods at one of our area locations. Whether you need food-grade warehousing or climate-controlled storage, we can accommodate almost any product type for optimal long- or short-term storage. Our team specializes in warehouse solutions for e-commerce businesses, national chains, and companies that need room to grow.

Our full catalog of warehousing solutions includes:

From temporary, seasonal stocking to long-term storage, FW Logistics is happy to help you achieve your goals and strike the ideal balance between supply and demand.

St. Louis Trucking Services

Paired with the capabilities of our warehouse facilities, we also offer a full-service trucking solution to streamline logistics at every level. Gone are the days of having to coordinate between your warehouse and trucking providers. At FW Logistics, we coordinate every aspect of storage, transportation, and delivery to guarantee your products get to the customer on time and undamaged. Whether you need to ship a truckload of your products or a dozen truckloads, our team ensures logistics never slow your business again.

Pick-and-Pack Services

Along with storing your products, our team is also happy to arrange and pack your products for delivery. We prepare your products for shipment to ensure they stay protected and arrive promptly at your customer’s facility. Our pick-and-pack services are designed to streamline your operations and let your team stay focused on mission-critical tasks.

Our Centrally Located 3PL St. Louis Locations

St. Louis City Warehouse Locations

Downtown St. Louis

760 S. 2nd

St. Louis, MO 63102



North City

7110 N. Broadway

St. Louis, MO 63147



South City

111 Winnebago St.

St. Louis, MO 63118


St. Louis Metro Warehouse Locations

Bridgeton/Earth City

305 Rock Industrial Park Drive

Bridgeton, MO 630144



North County

9151 Latty Ave.

Berkeley, MO 63134


East St. Louis Warehouse Locations

26th Street Location

2601 McCasland Ave.

East St. Louis, IL 62207



St. Clair Location

4251 Saint Clair Ave.

East St. Louis, IL 


The Only 3PL Partner You’ll Ever Need

At FW Logistics, we pride ourselves on being a full-service logistics provider. From storage and packing to transportation delivery, FW Logistics is the end-to-end 3PL partner you need for all your products. Contact our team today to discover how partnering with us can ensure logistics never slow your business again.