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Are you looking for a way to store your food in a safe environment? Blast freezing allows you to freeze and store food to provide your customers with a higher quality product.

What Is a Blast Freezer?

Blast freezers, also referred to as shock freezers or blast chillers, are a type of freezer that rapidly brings down the temperature of any food or fresh produce in it, freezing it much faster than any other type of freezing process.

The process of this chiller is referred to as blast freezing because of how quickly the food becomes frozen. Blast chillers are popular in the frozen food industry and commercial kitchens because they produce high volumes of frozen food. This process quickly freezes food to optimize efficiency and profit for frozen food providers.

Benefits of Flash Freezing

Blast freezing, also known as flash freezing, is an effective way of freezing food for several reasons:

Less Damaged Product

The longer a freezing process takes, the larger the ice crystals on the food product are. Large ice crystals damage materials and packaging by breaking seals and causing cell bursting. Companies can’t sell damaged food, therefore they’re throwing a lot of product away when larger ice crystals puncture packaging.

Blast freezing creates tiny ice crystals, so it preserves food at a higher quality than other freezing methods and decreases waste with less damaged products.

Nutrient Retention

According to the Mayo Clinic, frozen food is just as high in nutrients as fresh food—if it’s flash frozen. Studies show that flash-frozen fruits and vegetables retain nutrients better than fresh produce.

The blast freezing process involves picking produce, blanching it in hot water, and quickly freezing it. As fresh produce sits on shelves, it loses its nutrients over time. Flash-frozen fruits and vegetables are picked and frozen while they’re in season, which is when they’re the richest in nutrients.

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Less Food Waste

People waste nearly 1400 million tons of fresh fruits and vegetables every year. Buying frozen food keeps fresh produce from being wasted and helps decrease this number.

When you don’t use all of your fresh produce, it becomes moldy and inedible, so you throw it away. Flash-frozen food doesn’t go bad—ever! Consumers also save money by purchasing food frozen because they don’t have to repurchase fresh produce every week.

Are Blast Freezers Safe?

Blast freezers are one of the safest ways to freeze food. Because this process freezes food quickly, bacteria doesn’t have time to multiply, so the food is free from bacteria and germs. Many other freezing methods take longer than 24 hours.

These freezers are an excellent choice for your frozen food processing because it’s quick, efficient, and free from bacteria.

Where Does Flash Freezing Take Place?

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