Blast Freezing

Storing your products safely all comes down to the sophistication of your warehouse storage options. With blast freezing equipment designed to keep your food products safe and sound, FW Logistics has the food grade warehousing solutions you need.

Blast Freezing Equipment Is Available With FW

If your focus is providing your customers with quality food and beverages, you need to take the necessary precautions to ensure they end up in the right hands. That means storing them correctly, streamlining your delivery processes, and minimizing the likelihood of any potential health and safety issue arising throughout your supply chain. Having a logistics partner on your side that can manage all those factors goes a long way toward improving your reputation with your audience. Enter FW Logistics.

Whether you manufacture “instant” food products or other items that require a specific low temperature for storage, blast freezers are essential. Fortunately for our clients, FW Logistics’ options include food grade warehouses equipped with a dynamic range of blast freezing equipment. With several storage facilities available nationwide, you’re bound to find an option that accommodates both your supply chain and the actual storage requirements for the product you’re selling.

Storage Solutions You Can Count On

Make sure your products are stored safely and effectively with blast chiller equipment from FW Logistics.

How Does the Blast Freezing Process Work?

When you’re preparing to ship out massive quantities of a food product to a local, regional, or nationwide audience, there’s no margin for error—just one small defect can lead to a whole host of complications. That’s why blast chillers are the perfect solution for products that require quick, efficient cooling. Blast chillers use fast-moving cold air to cool things down quickly, essentially shocking the food (much the same way your body feels when you jump into frigid water).

Shock freezing is just one setting available with blast chillers. Although the name implies use for colder temperatures (which is often the case), they can be set to a wide range, including cold, room temperature, or even hot. They can accommodate products from all across the food industry, making sure your food quickly reaches the ideal temperature for storage.

Are Your Storage Needs Being Met?

Why settle for services that don’t satisfy your supply chain? It’s time to take advantage of the solutions available through one of the nation’s premier logistics providers. At FW Logistics, we offer a broad range of dynamic storage solutions designed to keep your products safe and sound and ready for shipment. For more information on how our team can streamline your supply chain for simple order fulfillment and safe transportation, reach out to FW Logistics today. Whatever you’re looking for as far as warehouse storage, we have the resources available to deliver.