We believe that a successful business starts with open communication with one another. And that your business partners, should be more like family than a business transaction.  Because people who believe in what they do, are more passionate, supportive, dedicated, and hard working.

When large food or manufacturing companies choose to partner with us, we understand that they are needing a knowledgeable partner and a recognized leader to help with logistics planning, within the warehousing and trucking industry.

Here at FW, we define success by the length and depth of our relationships inside and out. Being in the business for over 70 years, FW Logistics has helped our clients by flexing space, trucking and people, to propel their company’s success with eCommerce, distribution, and fulfillment.  We have 15 warehouses with over 8 million sqft Nationwide, along with our own trucking fleet, for our clients to use as an exension of their own. Just like any other family, we push each other to succeed. Our family just happens to do logistics.