Temperature Controlled Warehousing

Get the temperature you want in the storage you need.

Cold and Frozen Storage

Your business has various storage needs and certain kinds of inventory needs to be kept frozen until ready for use. FW Logistics understands the importance of storing temperature sensitive products such as food items, and fast-moving consumer goods in a climate controlled warehouse. We offer clean, dust and pest free storage with continuous temperature monitoring with our climate controlled warehouse. Many unique industries and goods require refrigeration, and our warehouses provide the ability to customize the environment to what your products need.

Accurate Climate Controlled Storage

We offer a range of cold storage options within our climate controlled warehouses, where team members continuously monitor the desired temperature along with backup generators if the power were to ever fail. It is essential to use a temperature controlled warehouse for your frozen storage, and with our cold storage options, your goods will remain in their best state and there will be no adverse impact on the product quality. Frozen storage is essential for perishable goods or products and assures an attentively controlled storage option. Our storage solutions are customizable to your exact specifications so that your inventory is compliant with your company policies and procedures. You can rest assured that when you store your inventory with FW Logistics, you will not need to compromise on quality or procedure. 

Do your products need frozen or refrigeration?

FW Logistics can store food, ingredients, heat sensitive products, and more!

Industry-Specific Solutions

If you can’t store it yourself, trust FW Logistics to store and protect your inventory for you. We provide climate controlled warehouse services, including inventory management and distribution to a wide spectrum of industries and solutions which are fully integrated and deliver high standards of quality service. Having all of these services in a single location provides you with the advantage of consolidating the requirements of warehousing and distribution, saving you money. Our climate controlled warehouse can offer customized accommodations for:

  • Cosmetics
  • Computer components
  • Food grade products
  • Candles
  • Plants/ Flowers
  • And more

Customized Warehouse Storage

There are many advantages when considering a temperature controlled warehouse for your temperature sensitive products. Our customized warehouse storage offers several levels of temperature control for food, ingredients, and more. Our temperature controlled warehouse provides a specific temperature for unique products, and the stock is organized in our warehouses according to product type. This allows for optimum temperature control from -20 to 32 degrees and gives you the ability to choose what temperature your products are stored.

FW Warehousing: An Advanced Cold Storage Solution

We offer the most advanced technologies for monitoring humidity, temperature, and various other factors inside our temperature controlled warehouse to ensure the safe storage of your products. It also allows customers to consolidate their distribution process so they benefit from lower storage and shipping costs. Our warehouses can store a combined 17,000 pallet positions fully racked within the 250,000 sqft facility in Memphis Tennessee.