Contract Warehousing

Save money and streamline your processes with contract warehousing from FW Logistics.

What is Contract Warehousing?

A contract warehouse agreement designates that a partner will look after the receiving, storage, and shipping of goods. In contract warehousing, the client commits to services for a predefined duration. This time duration may vary but is traditionally specified in years. At FW Logistics, we customize your timeline to meet your unique timeline. You no longer have to sign onto long contracts that don’t fit your schedule.

Customized Solutions

We provide personalized solutions for contract warehousing based on your needs. Whether you are a newly launched business or you are expanding, we are incredibly flexible in delivering tailor-made warehousing contracts. Our contract warehousing definition includes warehousing based on flexibility to offer customized solutions for every client. This includes a variety of locations, available shipping methods, and storage conditions.

Customizable, affordable, and reliable

Everything you want in a warehouse, without the hassle.

Reliability and Affordability

We provide you with the flexibility many warehousing contracts can’t offer – affordability over short-term contract warehousing. Our team members work with you to develop an agreement, which makes us both reliable and affordable, particularly for small e-commerce businesses who need to outsource their warehousing to meet tight budgets. Our clients can also rely on us for maintaining the flow of goods to and from our storage facility promptly. Our warehousing contract offers the reliable outsourcing of warehousing services that you need at an affordable cost.

We have been in the warehousing business for over 60 years with an always growing and improving process on warehousing and trucking. Additionally, we provide additional services such as packaging and distribution for companies that are expanding, observing a rapid increase in demand, or need improvement in their existing delivery and storage. We offer our clients a wide variety of payment structures – this includes fixed cost, cost-plus, or a combination of both, depending on your needs.