LTL Trucking

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Less than Truckload

Freight carriers in the US provide two types of trucking services – Full Truckload (FTL) service and Less-Than-Truckload (LTL). We provide our clients with the ability to take advantage of LTL trucking. With us, you can control the portion of the load according to your requirements. As LTL freight brokers we choose the best option for you for a fully customized shipping option.

Less than load (LTL) trucking or shipping is the loading and transportation of a smaller portion of freight. This type of freight transport does not occupy the whole space of a semi-truck but leaves the room for other products. This means different cargo from different shippers can travel in the same truck instead of taking up the entire space of the trailer. We provide our clients with the option of LTL trucking and find best LTL trucking companies for them for a fully customized option.


Advantages of LTL trucking

There are many advantages of LTL trucking and FW Warehousing can help your business take advantage of less than load trucking. Some advantages to your business include:

  • Quick Delivery Time – Since the shipment has to face fewer logistics, your goods and products arrive at their delivery site quicker than many other delivery types.
  • Cost-Effective – LTL trucking minimizes the cost of shipping because instead of paying for a trailer that is half full, your business gets a discounted rate by only paying for the area your products require.
  • Increased Security – Your products will always be packed properly to avoid any loss of goods or products due to damage.
  • Easy Tracking – FW Logistics offers the ability to track your goods from warehouse, packaging, to delivery. You will always know where your products are for
  • Less Frustration – When you partner with FW Logistics, you get the peace-of-mind that your freight will be taken care of from start to deliver.

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LTL Truck Driving Positions

Currently, we are offering positions for LTL truck driving. LTL truck driving opportunities with FW Logistics provide great benefits, pay, and hours. LTL freight brokers like FW Warehousing, look for LTL trucking companies with good transportation history and safe driving records. Let us handle the logistics of freight and schedule while you do the hauling. If you are interested in working with FW Logistics as a truck driver, fill out an online employment form.

Our warehouse offers proficient LTL trucking services and picks the best trailer for your freight, streamlining your shipping needs. We make sure your freights are scheduled and priced in the best way possible, so you reap the rewards of using the best name in trucking and warehousing – FW Logistics.