Cross-Docking & Postponement

Save time on the shipment of products by storing them at FW Logistics.

What Is A Cross Docking Warehouse?

By providing a cross-docking warehouse, we offer our clients a storage and shipping strategy that allows them to ship and store their goods for a minimum time and promotes saving on warehouse costs. FW Logistics will receive your shipment of goods, unload your products, and store or reload them onto a different transportation option. As compared to other cross docking companies, we offer a wide range of cross docking services to help alleviate the burden of quick storage and shipping.

Cross Docking Services

We manage car maintenance, overall rail supply chain, and demurrage or damaged orders and provide private fleet analysis, supervision, and multi-modal management.

  • Consolidating truckload shipments into a single load
  • Deconsolidation of carload into multi-truckload, truckload or LTL, or a smaller load for convenient distribution
  • Ordering empty trucks for loading
  • Delivering of empty trucks after unloading
  • Providing customs clearance, EDI waybilling, in-transit visibility, mode conversion, track and trace, web visibility or transit statistics, and reporting on all transports
  • Offering easy billing with decreased demurrage, freight bill payment, and loading arrangements

Our customer services offer our clients a single point of contact and an easy to use warehouse management system so you can see where your inventory is, at all times. We understand that your products are part of your business and we treat them carefully with full transparency for packing, transporting, and delivering.

Warehouse Management System

Follow each package and order as it arrives and gets shipped out.

Cross Docking Industries

A cross-docking strategy is well suited for the industries that deal with following materials:

  • Perishable products that need instant distribution.
  • High-grade products, which do not need quality assessments during the delivery process.
  • Products which are pre-labeled, pre-ticketed, and all set for sale with RFID, barcode, etc.
  • Promotional goods and products about to launch.
  • Primary retail items with a continuous demand or lower demand difference.
  • Pre-packaged and pre-picked orders of customers from a different production plant or warehouse.

Cross Docking Solutions

Unlike other cross docking companies, we offer a wide range of cross-docking solutions. Our cross-dock strategy entails different solutions for different scenarios.

  • Transportation: We consolidate shipments from multiple LTL carriers to establish economies of scale.
  • Distribution: We combine incoming goods from different merchants into a mixed pallet of products, which is transported to the consumer when the final item is received.
  • Manufacturing: We handle the items needed for manufacturing processes and prepare sub-assemblies for production orders.
  • Retail: We handle goods from different merchants and organize them onto outbound trucks for various retail stores.
  • Opportunistic: We can transport an item straight from the acceptance dock to the outgoing distribution dock, in order to meet time sensitive demands.

Our cross-dock strategy ships all items in, waits for storage, and then sends to the distribution center. Our cross docking warehouse is best for bulk shipments within a specified time-frame and assures we meet timelines for delivery.