Freight Consolidation

Shipping in smaller increments doesn’t mean an increase in cost with FW Logistics!

Consolidated Services

For most of our clients, cargo consolidation can be an exceedingly beneficial strategy to improve their control over their supply chain management. Transportation consolidation ensures that smaller shipments do not result in increased costs and saves you from any unpredictable disruptions to distribution timelines. FW Logistics offers efficient cargo consolidation for businesses that don’t have the resources to implement this effectively within their company due to size or capital.

To accelerate distribution, reduce bottom line profits, and minimize disruptions in shipments, many retailers consolidate their logistics. Operating on the distinct and dedicated goal of delivering a complete consolidation service, FW Logistics operates smoothly to provide our clients efficient transportation consolidation. Our consolidation services offer cargo compatibility, flexible and frequent schedules, and competitive rates.

Get the superior service of FW Logistics

Reduce Cost, Inventory, and Transit time!

Superior Service

FW Logistics offers superior consolidation services to facilitate the movement of your freight. Our superior service provides an experienced team for the consolidation of logistics. Our superior consolidation services offer:

  • Reduced Shipping Costs
  • Lower Inventories
  • Reduction in Handling Costs
  • Minimum Transit Time


LTL Consolidation vs. Cargo Consolidation

Whether you need cargo consolidation or LTL consolidation into full truckload, both are aimed at providing you with the reduction of shipment costs by combining small volumes of goods with nearly full truckloads going to the same or nearby locations. LTL consolidation and cargo consolidation can help you to establish and sustain an improved supply chain, which will get your shipment delivered to your desired destination in the most effective way possible and at FW Logistics, we work to ensure your products arrive on time and in great condition, without adding more work for you.