We are proud to offer a full warehousing, fulfillment, and trucking logistic solution for businesses nationwide.

Warehousing and Logistics

At FW Logistics, we secure the storage of your finished goods and bulk materials. Our strategically built warehousing facility offers reliable and secure storage capabilities with large storage capacity with all the smart warehousing techniques. We provide contract warehousing, hazmat storage, food grade warehousing, ITL and FTL trucking, trucking brokerage, rail trans-loading, and fulfillment service to serve you with the best logistics planning services.

FW Logistics helps companies to store their goods in a centralized location so that the products can be transported to their destination easily. This type of smart warehousing reduces the cost of transportation by more easily transporting the goods to their destinations. Our contract warehouses offer facilities such as packaging, inventory management, inventory control, quality control, and safe transportation. Our contract warehousing is cost effective and allows a certain degree of control at a reasonable price.



With our warehousing and fulfillment, our customers can store products and manage distribution for their e-commerce store at our warehouse. Through our best logistics planning services, we will fulfill the orders and transport the goods to your customer under your brand name.

With over 60 years of experience,

Trust your business to the best, centralized warehouse in the nation!


FW Logistics is one of the most innovative and progressive transportation companies due to its unique and advanced approach to transportation than the other trucking companies. When you select FW Logistics to manage your logistics processes, you get a perfect partner and a recognized leader in logistics planning services in warehousing industry.



With 85-90 trucks available, we feel pride in introducing ourselves as one of the leading tracking, goods moving, goods transport, truck rental, and luggage moving logistics planning services companies. By offering such a wide variety of services, we are able to gain valuable knowledge of our clients’ needs.

FW Logistics offers smart warehousing techniques by providing secure and reliable storage capabilities. We are proud to boast an experienced and professional management workforce that offers customized solutions for all your warehousing and logistics needs.