Flexible Storage

Do your storage needs change frequently? We can help!

What is Flex Space?

Any business which experiences seasonal demands and fluctuations in stock volume requires additional warehouse storage at unique times of the year. Our flex warehouse space offers fully flexible storage space and cost-effective storage solutions that will be beneficial for dealing with high volume seasons. This flexible storage space is incorporated into a broader distribution framework and offers a large spectrum of warehousing solutions such as picking, packing, and shipping.


With a number of small-sized businesses needing storage for their products, flex spaces are largely in demand. Utilizing a warehouse space for your changing storage needs can be a cost-effective substitute for the expense of warehousing. Flex space has become a common term, which is used to define customary storage within an industrial warehouse. Investing in a flexible storage space at FW Logistics can provide you with access to a flexible storage capacity and a network of devoted logistics experts.

Keep costs down

Flexible storage offers the solution to your ever-changing inventory.

Seasonal Storage

Our flexible storage space offers pick lines used to streamline your business during seasonal times. Most of our flexible storage space is available in St. Louis as a centrally located hub, but we also offer this service at other locations throughout the US. A flex warehouse space offers seasonal storage for seasonal shippers, holiday rushes, Halloween costumes, Christmas novelty items, and more. We understand that some times of the year are busy and chaotic with shipping and distribution. Let us help you control your products for an easy, scalable solution.


Customizable Plans

Our flexible storage space offers customizable plans according to our clients’ warehousing requirements during different seasons. Our flex warehouse space allows you to take space for as little as 6 months at a time so that you only have to pay during the seasons you are needing.

Warehousing can be as tough as dealing with a high seasonal demand. Utilizing our flex warehouse space during such high demand seasons empowers you to maintain your focus towards your main business. Along with flexible storage space, we also provide packaging, distribution, and transportation during the increased sales season to help align your goals all in one location. Our flexible storage space is flexible enough to handle any unpredictable demands.