Instead of losing time and energy, let us do the assembly!

What Is Kitting?

We offer kitting services to help manufacturers save their time, energy, and money required for pre-assembling of parts during the production process. Our warehouse kitting offering streamlines the overall process of kitting packaging.


Kitting Services

Kitting services are an essential step in order fulfillment that includes an assembly of separate items into a finished set or kit, which is then ready for shipping. Kitting services are particularly suitable for online sellers, who are continuously looking for innovative ways to improve shipping speed and reduce the cost of their order fulfillment process. Kitting is the most widely used option, which ensures a cost reduction in order fulfillment.


Streamline Your Process

Free up your time and space for enterprise growing opportunities.

Advantages of Kitting

Our kitting packaging offers a large number of benefits:

  • Free up space for your core business activities
  • Improve your business productivity
  • Reduce labor costs and inventory
  • Improve cash flow

Streamlined warehouse kitting helps save time because the kitting packaging is performed in bulk quantities. This not only saves your business time but it also improves the speed of your overall order fulfillment process. With its more efficient and cost-effective packaging, kitting services also offers more saving on postal costs.


Manufacturing Kitting

Our warehouse kitting accumulates then packages pieces utilized in the manufacturing of a finished product to prepare it for delivery in a ready to use state, all while saving time on the manufacturing line. We can put all these pieces together for you and also put multiple products together into a final, desired presentation. Our kitting packaging will perform all the extensive labor and prepare the final item for the shipping all while saving you time and money.