Centreville, Illinois

Centrally located in Centreville, IL our warehousing options put you in the middle of it all.

Fulfillment Warehouse Illinois

Centreville is a centrally located city in Illinois, and its location offers FW Logistics’ warehousing options to help serve you and our community. When it comes to our customers, security is one of our top priorities. Our state of the art warehousing facility and our quality service make us the number one choice when choosing a warehouse. Our team is proud to provide the best national and international logistics solutions for a wide variety of industries. We have a team of well trained, professional workers who work day and night just to provide you quality warehousing solutions. This includes immediate accessibility to valuable information regarding your product including order status, real-time inventory, and delivery schedules.

3 PL Logistics

FW Logistics, known as being one of the best logistics planning services, is always ready to help clients with all their warehousing, storage, and distribution needs. As the preferred warehousing storage and distribution companies in the Midwest, our experienced team is capable of providing the complete range of third-party logistics services. From high-grade warehousing services to competitive prices with a vast array of affiliations, we have everything you may need to simplify your storage and transportation solutions. By operating and owning facilities throughout the United States, we are able to design a storage and delivery structure around our customers’ unique business needs. We are committed to providing our clients with superior solutions for their international and nationwide requirements in warehousing. We take pride in delivering the most competent and top-quality logistics solutions across the nation.