Montezuma, Georgia

Looking for warehouses in Georgia that meet your supply chain needs? With a temperature-controlled, refrigerated & frozen space available for our customers, FW Logistics is able to help you streamline your operations unlike any other logistics provider. 

Warehousing Montezuma

High-Quality Montezuma Warehouse Space

Are your unique needs being met? The products you need to store require specific conditions in order to maintain quality control. You can’t afford to compromise, so shouldn’t you find a logistics and storage provider that’s up to the task? With our Montezuma refrigerated and frozen warehouse, FW Logistics is more than capable of meeting your needs. Our team works tirelessly with our clients to make sure their specific storage requirements and blast freezing needs are adhered to within our space, giving you a quality solution that you can rely on at all times.  

A Commercial Refrigeration Warehouse You Can Trust

Whatever your team needs to effectively store your products or eCommerce pick and pack, you should be able to find a logistics provider that delivers. At FW Logistics, our team is more than up to the task. We serve a variety of unique industries with a diverse range of food grade cGMP storage solutions, helping clients nationwide find storage that makes sense for their supply chain, budget, and product needs. When it comes to finding a refrigerated and frozen space, there are several factors you need to account for, including:

  • Do you need blast freezing in 18-24 hours?
  • Is the facility up to industry standards? 
  • Is it monitored consistently? 
  • Are products stored refrigerated, frozen, or simply temperature-controlled? (We do all three.)
  • Can the environment actively enhance productivity and streamline your supply chain?
  • Is there a plan in place for removing contaminated food?


It’s a lot to consider, but a reliable warehouse storage provider and logistics company should have an answer for every question you have. Luckily for our clients, FW Logistics has the answer to the problems you’re facing. With years of combined experience across our entire team, we know exactly how to approach consistently frustrating issues that you face.


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Montezuma’s 3PL Leader

Do You Need Temperature Controlled Warehouse Space?

Don’t let the avoidable become an everyday nightmare. Some issues can be maneuvered around—you just don’t know it yet. Our team has seen it all over the years, and we know how to help your team move past seemingly insurmountable supply chain obstacles. With customizable storage and blast freezing options that can be tailored to function seamlessly with your workflow, you can rest easy knowing that FW Logistics knows how to help you grow your business.

It’s time that you started working with a team that understands intuitively how to help you work smarter. For more information on how FW Logistics can set you up with a high-quality storage solution for your products, reach out to our team today.