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Your company is booming and you know that your products would be a success, if you could just focus on doing what you do best and produce more product. The 3 things below are a winning combination to achieving an increase in bottom line profit.

  1. Get your product from the warehouse to the doorstep faster. Find a third party logistics company that has multiple distribution centers throughout the United States and decrease the time for product fulfillment. Instant gratification is the way of the world now-a-days. Happy customers, means returning customers that talk about your product. And we all know that a customer that recommends your product, is the best free advertising.
  2. Have a company do the finalization of your product. Did you know that you can partner with a company that will take your product and make it into a display for you, like an end cap, and then ship your product straight to where it is going to be sold? This can save not only time on your end, but money that would be spent hiring temps to do this tedious work and downtime from the mainline production.
  3. Hire a company that has asset based trucking with newer equipment, versus dealing with your own trucks. Avoid the headache all together, by having a company that you don’t have to worry about repairs and breakdowns. Many companies don’t think about the time that could be lost in the incident of faulty equipment or the money to maintain their own trucks. In the long run, this costly mistake leads to unsatisfied customers and bad reviews. And after all, you can’t reach a broader market with a broken truck.

Still have more questions or want to see how much it would be to have a 3PL on your team? Give us a call or send us an email. We are always here to help and would be happy to have you in the FW Logistics family.

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