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E-commerce order fulfillment is one of the most crucial aspects of online shopping today. You need to ensure that your orders are arriving on time and are in proper shape. Our fulfillment services are prepared to work alongside e-commerce business, nationwide chains, and small businesses all the same.


Order fulfillment services are the perfect solution for anyone that doesn’t want to spend their space or money on the packaging and distribution of their products. You should be able to focus on your products and customers, while we handle the transportation aspects. Many steps go into securing a supply chain. However, here are three basic ways to improve fulfillment across the industry:


  1. Smart warehouse and shipping strategies.If you are an e-commerce store owner, one of your biggest challenges is dealing with shipping expectations. Consumers expect any online store to have two-day shipping as an option. If you want to find a way to deliver products promptly, your business has two options. You could spend a ton of money on shipping costs. Though, that strategy will result in raising your prices. The other option is investing in a fulfillment partner that has warehouse locations closer to your customers.This need is one of the reasons that FW Logistics has located our warehouses throughout the Midwest. These central buildings allow us to have a nationwide reach. As technology grows, it also allows us to personalize our shipping methods more accurately as well. With FW, you’ll have access to our 70 years of experience to decide the smartest shipping method for your products to reach your customer.
  2. Product Order Transparency.You want your products to arrive at their new home on time. To achieve that, you need a system in place to track everything. Once customers have used an e-commerce platform to purchase something, they want a smooth and orderly shipping process. If there is ever an issue or delay, your fulfillment operations provider should be able to look up where your products are, while also offering you a predicted time of delivery.We have a warehouse management system already in place. It enables our personnel to track and completely control the products we handle. This clarity also works to keeps us accountable to our electronic commerce partners.
  3. Reliable Returns and Customer Service.If you are outsourcing your shipping needs, then you should make sure that their fulfillment centers also provide returns processing. This process falls under our reverse logistics services. It is one of the most essential e-commerce solutions. Online orders are much more likely to be returned than orders from brick and mortar stores.Returns are all about customer satisfaction. Your logistics provider should have return strategies in place. Processing returns is just as significant as fulfilling orders. Our reverse logistics services are there to serve your customers right away. It is one of the ways that we deliver a full circle of logistic services to our clients.