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Truck drivers serve an important purpose for the country’s economy. Logistics and order fulfillment is a function that all companies need to meet, and they do this by hiring truck drivers with the education, experience, and fortitude to handle a busy and rewarding career in trucking. 

What are some benefits to being a truck driver?


Some people don’t mind sitting behind a desk, answering emails, attending meetings, and some people don’t have the patience for any of this. It takes a special kind of person to be a truck driver because it requires dedication, but that dedication is rewarded by avoiding the strange office politics and petty squabbles that people in cubicles normally have to deal with. Trucking means solitude, it means being your own boss, it means managing the expanse of the road ahead of you and meeting your requirements your way, not someone else’s. And what other jobs can you think of where the scenery changes every day? 

Great pay

Skilled and safe truck drivers are highly sought after and well-compensated in this industry. Companies will even pay a signing bonus to new drivers. There are very few career paths you can take, that will pay as well without a college degree. Even entry-level truck drivers make more money than some office jobs.  FW Logistics begins at $1,250/week with ongoing bonus’ for safety, no accidents, and endorsements. 

Great job security

Our country is currently experiencing a driver shortage. The reason is that not any warm body can be a truck driver. You need a certain level of passion, competence, and responsibility in order to be an efficient, safe truck driver. Trucking requires dedication and pride and if these are traits you think you possess, then you can thrive in this industry. In an economy where companies are downsizing, truckers are important assets to most companies. Meaning that as a trucker, you have peace of mind. Further, trucking is a flexible skill which means if you need to relocate, it will be easy to get a job.

Great benefits

You take a job to get a steady paycheck, but truck drivers enjoy a number of other benefits as well such as health benefits, performance incentives, and retirement plans. This is one of the main reasons why trucking careers are so highly sought after. The more you put in, the more you get out. And companies like FW Logistics understand that good people are worth keeping around so we offer top benefits such as:

  • Health, dental, and life insurance
  • Retirement plans
  • Performance-based incentives

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