Your perishable produce must remain cold and fresh during storage and shipment. Blast freezing food products is a trusted and practical solution that ensures your food has the proper protection.

What Are the Advantages of Blast Freezing?

If your company ships large quantities of frozen or perishable foods, it’s wise to invest in blast freezing. This process uses temperature-controlled units to keep food cold with a rapid chilling process or fast-moving cold air. The extreme cold essentially shocks the food, so another name for blast freezing is also shock freezing.

The cold air forms tiny ice crystals on the freezer’s contents. Unlike large ice crystals that form during slow cooling, the smaller ones are less likely to damage the food’s appearance or alter its taste. Once the food is blast frozen, it can be transferred to a normal freezer for long-term storage, as long as it stays cold enough to preserve the food. Some of the main types of food and temperature-sensitive products that require climate-controlled facilities include:

  • Ice Cream
  • Vegetables
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Candy

There are multiple benefits of using a blast freezer for your temperature-controlled warehousing needs, such as:

Reduced Food Waste

Blast freezing is a cost-effective freezing option because it minimizes the likelihood of bacterial growth in food products. Food lasts longer with blast freezing since bacteria can’t grow in below-freezing conditions. Therefore, food and money aren’t wasted.

Long-Term Cold Storage

For businesses that rely on storing food for long periods of time, blast freezing is the perfect option. You can blast freeze food items for months at a time, all while keeping them in top-quality condition. Regardless of your business needs, your food stays safe and stored correctly until it gets to the customers or its final destination. Your logistics company can transport your food across the country from one food-grade warehouse to another safely as long as it’s stored in a blast freezer.

Improved Food Shipping

Large food order shipments benefit from portable blast freezers. These innovative units enable you to send food from your warehouse to its destination while the freezer maintains its quality.

Food Is Frozen Safely

You can improve the quality and taste of your food and help maintain its integrity with blast freezing. The process offers health and safety benefits since extreme cold hinders bacterial growth, as mentioned before.

If food is handled safely and immediately placed into the freezer after preparation, it reduces the risk of contamination and minimizes any risk to customers. This is one of the main reasons why blast freezing is such a popular practice in the commercial food preparation industry.

Invest In Temperature-Controlled Warehouse Solutions

Your storage space must be set at the optimal temperature to keep your perishable goods safe. If your supply chain has cold warehouse storage needs, partner with a company that offers advanced, full-service warehouse capabilities. When you require cold storage for your shipments, FW Logistics’ temperature-controlled options will exceed your expectations. Our temperature settings range from -20 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

FW Logistics Provides Reliable Food Storage and Shipping

At FW Logistics, we offer sophisticated warehousing solutions that keep your food safe. Our food-grade warehousing services are created to protect your food products. We are certified to store food and ingredients and properly package them for businesses like yours worldwide. Placing your food and beverages in the hands of FW Logistics is a necessary precaution to prioritize the quality of your products.