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If your company needs to ship large quantities of perishable or frozen foods, you should consider investing in a blast freezer or blast chiller. These are temperature-controlled units that rapidly cool food down for safer storage. 

During the rapid chilling process, tiny ice crystals form on the freezer’s contents. Small crystals that form during rapid cooling are less likely to damage the food’s appearance and taste than the larger ice crystals that often form during slow cooling. 

There are multiple benefits of investing in a blast freezer for your temperature-controlled warehouse storage needs.

Benefits That Blast Freezing Offers

Reduced Food Waste

The way that blast freezing reduces food waste makes it a cost-effective freezing option for your business. During the freezing process, bacteria growth on food products decreases rapidly. This is the case when you blast freeze fresh and cooked foods or frozen foods such as ice cream or ready-made meals. Most bacteria do not grow well at below-freezing temperatures, so the use of blast freezing allows your food products to last longer in frozen storage. 

Both the decreased bacteria growth and tiny ice crystals described above reduce the amount of food waste that will occur. By cooling food and drinks quickly with blast cooling, you will allow your perishable food to last longer. 

Long-Term Cold Storage

As you determine what types of food-grade frozen and refrigerated storage your business will require, you should consider how long you will need to store your food products. A blast freezer can store food and keep it in good condition for months at a time. If your business relies on storing food for long periods, a blast freezer can help you safely upgrade your frozen storage processes.

Improved Food Shipping

If your business needs to ship large orders of food, you should definitely consider investing in a portable blast freezer. With one of these, you can send food from your warehouse to its destination while the freezer maintains the food’s quality, appearance, and taste. A portable blast freezer’s capabilities allow you to move and ship your food products while keeping them in temperature-controlled storage.

Better Inventory Control

Because your inventory will experience less spoilage and waste with proper freezing, your inventory control will improve. With blast chilling and freezing, you will be able to keep more of your inventory for longer periods. 

Food Storage and Shipping Services for Your Business

FW Logistics has the temperature-controlled warehouse space to keep your food products chilled at appropriate temperatures. We also offer temperature-controlled warehousing for other products, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and computer components. 

If you are interested in our temperature-controlled warehouse food services or if you have any questions about how our services can improve your bottom line, please contact us today.