Image of a vehicle entering into a cold storage area.

Do you have the right infrastructure in place to accommodate frozen food storage? For superior frozen food storage warehouse solutions, choose FW Logistics. 

Which Temperature Controlled Warehouse Option Is Right for You?

Finding a refrigerated or frozen space to accommodate your food products can be difficult. The needs of your organization are specific to your products, and not every commercial refrigeration warehouse is going to fit your needs. That’s why FW Logistics is committed to helping our customers find an option that makes sense for them. We offer several different frozen and refrigerated options, each one designed to cater to a different type of product.

Superior Warehouse Solutions Nationwide

Whatever you need to store your food products safely and securely, we have the resources available to find exactly what works for you. 

Solutions We Offer

Which option is right for you? Finding the perfect warehouse storage situation for your unique food product is easier than ever thanks to FW Logistics. With a diverse range of frozen food storage options available at our different locations, we’re confident that we can help you find exactly what you need.  

Blast Chilling

Are you shipping products all over the country? Order fulfillment still has to be performed quickly, no matter where you’re shipping items. Our blast chiller freeze options offer a fast-moving cold air technique that brings the temperature of food products down quickly, before keeping them at the desired temperature for long-lasting storage. 

Food-Grade Warehouses

What if your item doesn’t need to be stored at completely frozen (or lower) temperatures? Our team also offers warehouse solutions that offer different temperature storage. We have all of the necessary certifications by governing bodies that control safe food storage, including:

  • Superior Rating from AIB International
  • GMP Certification
  • ISO 9001

Temperature-Controlled Warehouses

Similar to food-grade warehouses, we want to make sure your food can be stored safely in temperature-controlled warehouses. Frozen foods have to be kept at specific temperatures to avoid going bad, and we want to make sure all of your food or beverage products arrive at their specific destination safely. By keeping warehouse temperatures stable, our team is able to make sure you can complete order fulfillment efficiently. 

Need More Information?

What would it take to increase productivity for your supply chain? The right storage solution can make all the difference. FW Logistics is here to provide access to all of the warehousing options you could ever need. If you want more information on how our team can help you work smarter and improve functionality throughout your logistics operation and supply chain, reach out today. We’re confident that no matter what you’re looking for, we can help. That’s the FW way.