Workers Compensation | FW Logistics

When you care about someone, you want to protect them. FW Logistics proves this by recently being acknowledged by worker’s comp insurance company, IWLA, with receiving a credit back to the company for “exceeding the safety criteria.”

“Our manager’s goals are to make the employees ‘leave the same way they came’,” according to Mike Cannady, FW Logistics Controller. When asked who was responsible for spearheading the move in safety he claims, “It was really teamwork between all of the managers who conduct two safety walks (in the warehouse) per day and the employees that work hard to follow procedures.”

FW Logistics was rewarded with acknowledgement of being one of the Top Performers in Meeting Safety Requirements and Top Grade Safety initiatives (over the past year) on August 1st, 2018.

The company over the last several years, were running at an average safety level. With the new management team aboard, the push for above average safe working conditions came about. Mike Cusumano, FW Logistics’ Safety and Compliance Officer, stated that some of the actions that are now in place are:

Identifying FW’s near misses and proactively working to avoid future incidences.

Company-wide safety meetings monthly and weekly managers meetings, for calibration.

Posting OSHA rates in each facility monthly.

Investing in new equipment and ensuring regular maintenance on all other equipment.

Better work order processes, to ensure safety issues are resolved, as quickly as possible.

Better company-wide involvement in the Continual Improvement Software (CIS) to streamline the continual improvement and safety issue reporting processes.


Cannady went into detail, stating that he feels it is only going to keep getting better with the new procedures in place. “This is not only a win for the company as it is, more importantly, for our employees. It’s just nice for employees to know they have a safe place to go, to and from, every day.”

Shannon Nute, MBA, FW Logistics, Marketing Specialist