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eCommerce distribution can make for a cheaper, faster, easier, and more profitable exchange with new and existing customers.

So your business is ready to have its own eCommerce site. This is a huge step into a much larger market. Before you launch your site here are a few essentials you will want to make sure you have so your site is functional and makes a great impression. 

Make sure you have a shopping cart, login area, and a search box

It’s surprising how many eCommerce sites exist that ignore these essential functions. The store owners see the site as simply an extension of the physical store, make them flashy and bold,  but leave making the sale as an afterthought. What is the point of looking great when the actual purchasing functions are confusing and hard to use? Make them prominent and make sure they make purchasing easy and quick. Your customers will be sure to thank you.

Use a wishlist to make the long sale

Wishlists are great for customers who are interested in a product but can’t immediately purchase the item. Some customers are wary of making an impulse buy or maybe they don’t have the means to buy the item.  A wish list allows your site to make the long sale.

Payment system icons should be in plain sight

Your website will reach many people and it is best to clarify your payment options by making sure their logos are prominently placed. They may be in the footer or by the shopping cart icon, but they shouldn’t be buried.

Allow your customers to leave reviews

Many customers use reviews to weigh the pros and cons of a potential purchase. Positive reviews can greatly influence a sale. And yes, your customers may leave negative reviews, but this gives credibility to your site and the products you sell. Also, you can respond to negative reviews to clarify why they weren’t satisfied or apologize directly to the customer which really paints your company in a positive light.

Optimize your site for mobile devices

The fact is that the majority of online shoppers are doing so on a phone or tablet and you can help them navigate your site and see your products by making sure your site is optimized to handle this kind of traffic. The consequence of not doing this is frustrated customers and lost sales.

Offer a newsletter 

A newsletter is a great way to add a personal touch to a site that is intended to generate sales. This is a great way to communicate sales and upcoming discounts to customers including store events and general news.  

Educate your customers with a blog

When you offer a blog to your customers you are helping to generate interest. And the blog is a free resource for your customers that allows them to see helpful tips, product suggestions, information about important and timely topics, and educational resources.