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Shipping is Changing, and So is the Importance of Refrigerated Warehouses

E-commerce is changing how we ship products. Online stores can have perishable items to a customers doorstep in a day or two which means supply chains need to adapt to support a consumer’s need for products shipped quickly and safely. Here is a complete guide to choosing a cold storage facility including the different types, what to look for, and how they work.

Types of Refrigerated Warehouses

Refrigerated Containers – More of a temporary storage solution, refrigerated containers have the benefit of being immediately mobile which makes them an important solution in a pinch. 

Blast Freezers and ChillersBlast freezers are used to quickly freeze food for storage, but rarely for storage itself. Blast chillers are usually used for seafood that needs to travel long distances. 

Cold Rooms – A cold room is essentially a big refrigerator designed to keep foods cold and fresh but not frozen. They are intended for temporary storage from a few days up to a week depending on the products intended to be stored there. 

Pharmaceutical-Grade Storage – These are highly-specialized types of long-term storage for biopharmaceuticals, blood, and certain kinds of vaccines. They usually contain state-of-the-art refrigeration, have failover plans for power outages, and can maintain precise temperatures for long periods of time. 

Dedicated Cold Storage Facilities – Multi-temperature warehouses, much like our Kansas City location, can be used to store specific products for defined periods of time without loss of quality. These facilities contain energy-efficient cold storage rooms that are typically coupled with customer service management systems to organize and expedite the shipment of customers products. 

How to Choose the Right Cold Storage for Your Needs

What Products are You Transporting and Storing?

Different types of cold products require different cold storage solutions. Many products don’t need to stay cold or frozen but need to be transported and stored in a way that protects them from sudden changes in temperature, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures, or humidity. Some examples of products that require refrigerated storage or a temporary temperature-controlled warehousing solution:


  • Perishable food
  • Flowers and plants
  • Artwork
  • Electronics
  • Furniture
  • Makeup
  • Wine
  • Artwork
  • Clothing
  • Documents or other paper items
  • Collectibles (comic books, stamps, trading cards)
  • Medical supplies

Proximity to End Users

Cold storage is critical when you need to keep products near end users but don’t have an immediate need for them. 3PL companies, like FW Warehousing, are critical resources to companies that don’t have the resources to store products in their own buildings. Our facilities are near to where you need to distribute your products, even if there is a few days needed for delivery. 

How Easy is it to Access Your Products

Typically, the ideal cold storage facility will have easy access to major east-west and north-south transportation routes. Also, their facility should be designed in a way that allows different types of refrigerated trucks to easily access their lot and loading docks. 

Efficient Energy Use and Streamlined Design

Cutting costs are top priorities for manufacturers which is why the most cost-effective cold storage facilities are ones that use the latest, most energy-efficient methods to lower energy costs. Responsible cold storage warehouse operators like FW Warehousing make sure that sustainability is at the very top of their list. 

Fully-Integrated Logistics from Providers With a Proven Track Record 

FW Warehousing takes efficiency and cost reduction a step further by combining storage, distribution, and other value-added services to present a full portfolio of 3PL services. You have full access to our team of experts that are ready to help you solve any refrigerated or temperature-controlled logistics issue. 

For more information about our refrigerated warehouse and temperature-controlled transportation services, reach out to us today. We offer a wide range of industry-specific solutions including inventory management and distribution controls. And by consolidating the distribution process in our service bundle, you’ll have the advantage of lower-cost storage and shipping. 

Call us today to take advantage of more than 250,000 square feet of warehousing space along with 17,000 unique fully racked pallet options.