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Benefits of a Full-Service Warehouse Solution

When it comes to your inventory’s storage and delivery, you need a dependable partner. No matter the size of your business or the line of work, a full-service warehouse can be advantageous for your small business or large corporation.

Climate-Controlled Facilities

Professional, full-service warehousing companies offer cold storage options in their climate-controlled warehouses, and team members continuously monitor the desired temperature. It’s essential to use temperature-controlled warehouses for your frozen storage needs. With cold storage warehousing options, your goods will remain in their best state from warehouse to destination. Frozen storage is essential for perishable goods or products, and a climate-controlled facility gives your business the confidence that your goods are being properly stored.

Easily Grow Your Business

If you have a growing company with increasing inventory and limited warehouse space, you may benefit from working with a full-service warehousing and fulfillment provider. By working with a large fulfillment and warehouse company, you can take advantage of hundreds of thousands of square feet for storing your business-critical products, while also benefiting from an inventory management system. No matter how fast your inventory levels are rising, a full-service warehouse company can handle them.

Pick and Pack

Pick-and-pack services involve processing small- to large-quantities of products, disassembling them, shipping them to their final destinations, and re-packaging with shipping labels affixed and invoices included. By working with a full-service warehousing fulfillment provider, you can take advantage of pick-and-pack services that provide maximum efficiency for successful order fulfillment. Pick-and-pack services are cost-effective and help businesses achieve fast turnaround for deliveries.

FW Logistics―Full-Service Warehouse and Fulfillment Company in St. Louis

We pride ourselves on communicating with our customers, and we strive to offer customized warehouse and distribution management solutions for every business. Our knowledgeable team is here to offer our expertise in logistics planning, warehousing, and the trucking industry. We have over 15 warehouses with more than 8 million square feet nationwide, along with our own trucking fleet for our clients to use as an extension of their own.

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Our solutions offer cost savings and can meet high volume orders. If you are looking for fulfillment services and full-service warehousing options, FW Logistics serves businesses across the country while offering the highest level of customer service for all of your unique needs.

If you are interested in discussing our warehousing options, shipping rates, or shipping costs for your business, contact our team today.