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February 29, 2018 | Earth City, Missouri – FW Logistics, a top 30 warehousing solution in the United States, announces today that they, once again, have expanded by opening another 240,000 square foot location in Earth City, MO with 85 trucks available.

Established in 1949, FW Logistics is one of the oldest full service 3PL logistic solutions in the nation, fulfilling Logistics and supply chain needs, from raw materials and industrial to retail supply chain. FW Logistics prides it’s self on their ability to accommodate any supplier’s situation from food grade to hazmat. Their facilities are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, OHAS certified, certified to handle class 2, 3, 5, 6, and 8 chemicals, and also GMP superior rating certified through AIB International. With 8 million square feet of warehousing space and 85 trucks running across the country daily, eCommerce solutions have become everyday life for them.

“Our goal is to expand to accommodate the ever-growing demands of eCommerce and the overflow from any manufacturer.” said Mike Dieckhaus, Director, Sales and Business Development for FW Logistics. “With the way that the economy is growing now, the consumer is wanting to buy, and they want their product now. Being able to accommodate just about every company, in every industry out there, gives us the competitive edge that we can provide to our clients. We make them successful and everyone wins.”

Opening this new multiuser warehouse, is just the start of FW’s expansion plans for 2018. A new, more user-friendly website is in the works for the first quarter of 2018 along with a more direct customer service approach for faster communication and quicker customer solutions via instant chat on the web and a live person upon calling the easy to remember 877-FWDRIVE phone number.

About Earth City Location

FW encourages clients to visit one the of the newest, state of the art, locations in Earth City, MO. Here people can personally meet the staff while playing a game of shuffle board and tour one of the warehouses, that are connected to the front office lounge. The location is already busy with shipments coming through the door on new FW Logistics trucks. The Earth City location is where clients meet to come up with solutions that meet budgets, expectations and deadlines.