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Your supply chain is a critical part of your business. It’s how your business procures materials, transforms them into finished products, and distribute those products to consumers. Summed up in one sentence, it sounds simple but anyone remotely close to working your supply chain will tell you that managing the supply chain takes the faultless organization, pinpoint coordination, and strategy based on experience and logic to accomplish what it needs to do.

And successful supply chain management at FW Logistics just got much easier with the implementation of HighJump Warehouse Advantage software. This is an adaptable, process-based warehouse management system (WMS) that is designed to be customized to your unique business practices and inventory processes. Its modular design allows us to pick from a suite of applications that will best suit your needs. 

Features that help us help our clients

The ability to digitally handle warehousing and logistics is critical to our ability to serve our customers to the best of our ability. 

Adaptable by industry – The HighJump software solution is not industry-specific but it can easily be adapted for retail, restaurant/food handling, beverage, manufacturing, or pharmaceutical use. This adaptability gives FW Logistics the ability to provide the perfect warehousing solution to any client.

Out-of-the-box functionality – Every client is different and with a comprehensive WMS with a library of business processes gives us the ability to implement a computerized warehousing solution the moment a client needs us to without a lengthy onboarding process. 

Built-in integration capabilities – The HighJump system is the first full HTML5 enabled user interface on the market which means as our client you can access your inventory system from anywhere, including any web browser on any device. This gives you unparalleled and secure access to your current inventory levels and all reporting. 

Adaptable reporting – No warehousing solution is complete without a comprehensive reporting system that shows all supply chain activities and the flow of good in and out of your storage. Proper reporting and predictive analytics give your company a competitive edge. Our warehousing solutions allow your supply chain professionals to work on more strategic initiatives such as handling supplier relationships and product development. 

Call FW Logistics 

We offer an all-inclusive solution to address your warehousing and supply chain management needs. As a third-party logistics (3PL) services provider, we specialize in incorporating operation, warehousing, and distribution services that can be scaled and tailored according to the requirements of our clients. Our Midwest 3PL services are designed to cater to the distribution requirements of our clients’ businesses, including market situations and demands and the requirements of their specific goods and materials.

Call us today for a long-term warehousing partner to manage the storage and distribution of a large-scale inventory of goods on a regular basis or a warehouse in St. Louis MO or other nationwide locations for a short-term solution for seasonal demands, we offer a comprehensive range of warehousing services.