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In the logistics industry, using a third-party service provider (3PL) has many applications. Providing a well-maintained supply chain is a challenging task, and no one does it alone. There was a time when 3PL just referred to transportation and warehousing services.


Today, the term has expanded to cover many different services. Outsourced services have made an impact on all aspects of supply chain management. Choosing your 3PL provider is a difficult task when the options have become so varied.


The Benefits of a 3PL Provider.


Hiring a 3PL brings many inherent advantages along with it. They will have an existing network of dedicated fleet services. You will have the benefits of a full-service fleet of trucks without having to worry about managing the drivers or the equipment. The right provider will also come with a professional understanding of strategies that will improve your business, such as pool distribution and food grade warehousing and distribution.


Factors to Consider.


  • The first thing to consider is if you will be hiring a single general provider or multiple providers. Think about the size of your operation and all the needs you have. Sometimes you can find the best of both worlds with a single provider that has many locations in different markets. This could expand your reach and save money on warehousing and shipping.

  • Examine your goals. Are you looking for a global supply chain? Or a 3PL with national grasp? The logistics services you need are dictated by the markets you are trying to reach.
  • Plan for growth. Every leader wants their company to evolve. Make sure that you are partnering with a logistics provider that scale up your services to meet your business’ needs. The advantage of using a 3PL is that you can respond to peak demand without spending money on permanent storage space, equipment, or labor.

  • Look for stability. Logistics involve performing the similar tasks day-to-day without a reduction in quality. A new provider might seem cost-effective, but you need to maintain quality service. You want to find a 3PL provider that has a long history of reliable methods and practices. Inquire about their history of successes and failures. Find out what they have learned from their years in the industry.
  • Outsourced logistics cover a vast expanse of services. Once you have examined your own needs and decided what you are looking for in a partner, make sure that your 3PL provider offers the services you need for today and tomorrow. Are you looking for a provider that has fulfillment services like reverse logistics? That might shorten your list of candidates. Find the provider that has the 3PL tools you need.

It can be daunting, but the most essential thing is not to try and short-cut the process. Your investigation could pay off with a partner that will boost your performance for years to come. Make sure your 3PL services have the resources you need and are flexible for the future. Finding the right 3PL provider is all about assessing your needs and digging into the capabilities of the different providers out there. Contact FW Logistics for more information.