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Making any decision for your business is all about weighing the costs and the benefits. Hiring a dedicated fleet service is an excellent solution for many companies. Having a private fleet does have some advantages, but it also has its drawbacks. Working privately gives you plenty of control, but also places the costs of operation all on the shoulders of your business.


The best solution is working with a partner that can supply you with the best of both worlds. Somewhere you could have the customization of a private fleet with the low costs of a dedicated fleet. When you work with FW Logistics, we can give the level of control you want while we handle the logistics. Take a look at this list of the reasons to choose dedicated fleet services and decide if it is right for your company:


  1. Resources at the Ready.When you hire a dedicated service like FW Logistics, your company will immediately have access to all the resources you need. A dedicated service is also going to have access to more specialized equipment that you might not have with a private group. There is no waiting period while you build your own fleet. You hire a service you can trust and then you can focus on your work.
  2. Reducing Your Costs.Maintaining your own fleet of vehicles can get expensive quickly. Working with a dedicated group means that you won’t be responsible for all those costs. Once you hire FW Logistics, we would cover any maintenance costs and truck payments. You get all the advantages with none of the drawbacks.
  3. More Time for Your Business.The trucks and vehicles of a dedicated service are there for you, but you don’t have to manage them. You won’t have to hire and manage your own drivers. Building an entire division into your business for shipping could be a big headache. The drivers are our responsibility, not yours.
  4.  Scalable Solutions.If you have a private fleet and your business suddenly needs more resources, you could be stuck with significant costs. When you work with a dedicated group, they will have resources ready and waiting to be shifted into your service. Dedicated fleets are also going to have the ability to supply multiple shipping types to meet your needs. A dedicated carrier is always going to be more flexible and adaptable than a private fleet.

A dedicated fleet contract service can address all your distribution needs without needing you to invest in your own infrastructure. For us, it’s simple. Under our dedicated contract, FW Logistics would own, handle, and maintain all of our trucks and manage our drivers in-house. The only thing you need to worry about is where we can pick up products. We will get you from the warehouse to the destination.