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Certified Food Storage Facilities

FW Logistics food storage warehouses offer long- and short-term solutions to food distributors. We have food storage warehouses nationwide, including 15 buildings based in St Louis, MO that make up 8 million square feet. This centralized location helps us provide prompt delivery and distribution to any place you need to get your goods.

Our food storage warehouses are certified to house food, ingredients, containers, beverages, and additional supplies. We take preventative measures to ensure food safety and eliminate cross-contamination opportunities. We routinely allow independent inspections of our facilities to ensure we meet and exceed industry standards. We think of our certifications and superior ratings as a badge of honor that helps prove the high food storage warehouse standards we offer. Some of the certifications we are proud to have obtained are:

Our food storage warehouses offer multiple storage solutions to provide our clients flexibility. 

Temperature Controlled Storage

Many food grade products require specific storage conditions. FW Logistics food storage facilities utilize the most advanced technology to control humidity, temperature, and other variables

If your products require cold or frozen storage, we offer clean, continuously monitored climate-controlled warehouses to ensure the correct temperature and humidity levels. Our food storage facilities take the extra step by using backup generators as an added level of protection.

FW Logistics offers customizable options at our food storage warehouses. Our clean and well-organized multi-zoned facilities accommodate various temperature-sensitive goods, such as:

Products that require a fast chilling process to ensure safety in the storing or shipping process can take advantage of blast chilling. While the name implies this is a cooling service, blast chilling can accommodate goods requiring temperatures from freezing to hot. 

Food-Grade Warehousing

FW Logistics is proud to provide certified food warehousing and distribution services. Our food storage facilities offer our clients safe and cost-effective solutions as their products work their way through the food supply chain. Management services provide your company with stock and inventory management, lot information, and expiration dates.

Our staff maintains a rigorous sanitation schedule and is routinely trained on updated food handling and pest control standards. FW Logistics food storage warehouses adhere to all safety and compliance requirements to guarantee all products entrusted to our care remain safe.

Customizable, Affordable, and Reliable Contract Warehousing

Contract warehousing with FW Logistics allows your business to save money and streamline processes. Our contracting takes on the responsibilities of receiving, storing, and shipping your products. Our contracts are fully customized to meet the needs specific to your company. 

Our flexible, short-term contracts offer affordable options for small businesses that require outsourcing their distribution and storing needs. For companies that specialize in seasonal products that see dramatic fluctuations in storage needs, flexible storage options are available. 

With over 60 years of experience, we have the knowledge and ability to create a system that keeps the flow of goods from our food storage warehouse to the destinations you require.


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Reliable Distribution Services Keep Your Products Moving

FW Logistics distribution centers and shipping services allow you to choose the best shipping options for all of your goods. Our distribution plans address the receiving, storing, and shipping requirements of your business. Our distribution centers provide significant advantages to companies, such as:

  • Stock and inventory management
  • Accessibility
  • Package branding
  • Shipping and freight
  • Reducing costs

Our food warehousing and distribution services allow you to pick the delivery method that works best for you. With rail transloading, 3PL services, and trucking options available, you can choose the service that offers the most advantages for your business. 

Trust FW Logistics For All Your Food Warehousing and Distribution Needs

Since 1949 FW Logistics has been in the food supply chain business. Our Food storage warehouses are certified to provide the safest and most well-organized storage services in the industry. To find out how we can meet your warehousing, logistics, and distribution needs, contact us today.