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With blast freezing you not only keep your perishable foods safe and secure, but you also reduce food waste. Learn more about the benefits of blast freezing and how it helps with long-term food preservation.

How Does Blast Freezing Enhance Food Preservation?

Do you ever wonder where your frozen food was stored before you purchased it? It was likely preserved using blast freezing technology. Blast freezing, also called air blast freezing, works by placing food products in an environment with below-freezing airflow to quickly cool down the food. This food preservation method is more efficient than alternatives and helps reduce food waste.

Blast freezing prevents large ice crystals from destroying the product and making it inedible. Essentially, blast freezing helps the food remain safe at optimal temperatures until it arrives at its next destination—a grocery store.

Proper Storage Helps With Food Waste Management

Anything we buy from the grocery store has a certain amount of preservatives to prolong its shelf life. In addition to these preservatives, products must be stored and shipped using mechanisms like blast freezing, which helps keep nutritional value and integrity intact.

Meat, milk, frozen vegetables and fruit, and other refrigerated or frozen products are vulnerable to spoilage. Of course, if they go bad before making it to the supermarket, it results in wasted time, money, and labor. You can reduce food waste and save time and money with blast freezing, which has other benefits like:

Reduced Chances of Spoilage

Sometimes it takes a while for the food to get from point A to point B. While it’s somewhere in between, it should still be in ideal conditions to remain fresh. Blast freezing makes sure that food remains safe to eat while it’s en route to the grocery store.

Great Taste and Quality

There are many freezing techniques in the food industry. However, blast freezing cold food products makes sure the food keeps its flavors and quality. Conversely, letting food freeze slowly changes flavors and lessens quality.

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FW Logistics Protects Your Products from Storage to Shipment

If you’re unsure how to reduce food waste in the commercial kitchen, FW Logistics has the answers and the solutions. Food safety and preservation are a couple of our many warehousing specialties. Our blast chilling and cold and frozen storage services keep your food safe the entire time they’re in our care. Reach out to our team today to get started.